How To Have A Kick-Ass Workout Even if You’re Stuck In A Hotel Room With No Equipment Whatsoever

You've heard there's no rest for the wicked, but the guy in search of six pack abs is no slouch either. If you find yourself stranded in a hotel or holed up far away from anything resembling a barbell or preacher bench, don't fret and especially don't relax, because this circuit routine puts the work into "this is a really easy and effective workout you can do in your hotel room."

So, the website said “fitness room,” but the reality is that there’s just a dirty and broken recumbent bike in a stinky room. On top of that you woke up late and you’ve only got about 25 minutes until you need to hit the showers and get ready for 14 hours of non-stop meetings and presentations.

You’ve got a trip to the beach coming up that you want to look good for, how the hell are you going to get your workout in?

Like this!

We’re going to do what’s called a ladder of two simple exercises that you can do in your underpants in your hotel room no matter what your fitness level. A ladder is when you start with long sets and progressively work your way down (or vice versa) over the course of your workout.

All you’ll need is:

#1. Your body

#2. A way to keep track of time (I love the Gym Boss – I never travel or go to the gym without one)

Here’s the workout that is going to blast away body-fat, maintain your muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and improve your insulin sensitivity in just 20 minutes flat:

Set 1: do 10 push-ups, followed by 10 lunge jumps

Rest 30sec

Set 2: do 9 push-ups, followed by 9 lunge jumps

Rest 30sec

Set 3: do 8 push-ups, followed by 8 lunge jumps

Rest 30sec

Set 4: do 7 push-ups, followed by 7 lunge jumps

Rest 30sec

Set 5: do 6 push-ups, followed by 6 lunge jumps

Rest 30sec

Set 6: do 5 push-ups, followed by 5 lunge jumps


Set 7: do 4 push-ups, followed by 4 lunge jumps


Set 8: do 3 push-ups, followed by 3 lunge jumps


Set 9: do 2 push-ups, followed by 2 lunge jumps


Set 10: do 1 push-up, followed by 1 lunge jump

Rest for 90-120sec, repeat one more time if you’re man enough.

Why does this work better than a 10 mile run? Answer free right here.

Oh, what’s a lunge jump? Here’s a good video:

If you can’t do that, try a reverse lunge instead:

No offense, but you probably can’t do a push up right. It is oh so rare that I see any man anywhere doing a push up right. Take a few seconds and watch this video on how to do a push up the right way:

Josef Brandenburg

Josef Brandenburg is a Washington D.C.-area fitness expert with 16 years of experience and co-author of the international best-selling book "Results Fitness." In 2004, he started True 180 Fitness (formerly The Body You Want) personal training program, which specializes in helping you get the body you want in the time you have available. Josef holds certifications from Precision Nutrition, American Council on Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Functional Movement Systems, Corrective High Performance Kinesiology, and the National College of Exercise Professionals. Learn more about Josef on his blog, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.