The Casanova Diet: Increase Your Libido While Improving Your Nutrition

Not satisfied with your position in life? Looking for that certain something to give you a leg up while lying down? Well then, Primer Magazine has just the thing for you. No, it's not Enzyte. In fact, it isn't anything you shouldn't already be consuming on a near-daily basis.

Not satisfied with your position in life?  Looking for that certain something to give you a leg up while lying down?  Well then, Primer Magazine has just the thing for you.  No, it's not Enzyte.  In fact, it isn't anything you shouldn't already be consuming on a near-daily basis.

Long before there was “the little blue pill” people have been searching for ways to increase their libidos and to this day few of man's modern medicines have been able to match that of good old Mother Nature.

Cut the Crap

Having a happy and vibrant love life is just as much about what not to consume as it is about what to consume.  The main things you need to look for when it comes to having a healthy and fulfilling sex life are good blood flow, strong hormone levels, and a healthy sex drive as well as relatively low stress levels.

Increased blood flow gives you more endurance and energy.  So anything that might restrict your blood flow is a definite no-no.  Cigarettes and caffeine are probably the two worst things you can possibly put in your body after arsenic if you are trying to help your body with blood flow.

While drinking alcohol does thin your blood it also makes you disoriented, dehydrated, and I don't think I'm saying anything new when I say that avoiding alcohol is a wise choice in regards to sexual activity.

Eating junk food like potato chips, fast food, and a lot of sugary sweets are also bad news.  Not just because of blood flow but they are filled with salt, saturated fat, and sugar.  All of which sap your body of energy and stamina while also significantly lowering your sex drive.

Generally when it comes to what not to eat you can follow the logic of “If it isn't good for you, it isn't good for your libido.”

Fruit Basket of Love

One of the best sources of an increased libido is from fruit.  More specifically, it is a great source of the assorted vitamins and minerals needed to increase your libido.  The three main things you want to do to increase your libido is eat foods that will help with your energy and hormones.

Fruits like banana, avocado, cranberry, and pineapple are great sources of vitamin B, folic, and amino acids that help to break down proteins and raise hormone levels in your body (and also supposedly help with the taste of a certain substance).

In fruit's distant relative, vegetables, we also find a few love potent pieces of produce.

Asparagus and Celery are often cited as helping with male libido.  Asparagus increases production of testosterone and Celery contains hormone producer citrulline and helps to produce androsterone, an odorless aphrodisiac released from perspiration.


Essence of Fish

There is a lot of seafood out there that is great for the libido.  Fish are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B all of which are excellent produces of testosterone.

Oysters are also one of the most referenced foods in libido enhancement not only for their historical connection as an aphrodisiac but also as a good source of zinc, another good source of testosterone.

You should always eat healthy.  Now you can just give yourself a little bit of added incentive to get yourself off that two packs a day and two cups of coffee.  And even if your technique still sucks at least she won't be able to complain about your endurance anymore!

A few other good foods to consider:

Nuts and Pine Tree Seeds – Both good sources or fatty acids and zinc

White and Red Meats – Both contain high levels of zinc.  But meat, red meat in particular, is known to have the opposite effect on the taste of certain substance as the aforementioned fruits.

Kevin MacLean

Kevin H. MacLean currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where he enjoys people watching, writing, and dominating all comers in four-square. You can keep tabs on him at his blog