60 Gifts For Guys: A Wishlist for Modern Men

As we get older it becomes harder and harder to give people gift suggestions for what we want for Christmas. Not only because no one is going to buy us a Playstation anymore, but because if it's relatively inexpensive and we want it, we would probably just buy it ourselves. From your girlfriend to your parents to Secret Santa at work, we've got 60 unique gifts for him that are things we want, but would never buy on our own.

Compiled by the Primer Team

The Problem: When we were kids, we begged our parents for whatever overpriced toy we wanted for a Christmas gift that year, and if we had been good they'd likely oblige. But as we get older the amount people spend on gifts goes down and it becomes hard to offer a list of gift ideas when your mom or your girlfriend asks.

The inherent dilemma is that we have to ask for things that are within a reasonable price range, that changes depending on who is asking; but if it's something we want, and it's reasonably priced, wouldn't we just go buy it ourselves? Why wait for Christmas when I can use the $30 coffee press now?

The Solution: We discovered that the best things to ask for are things you want, but would never justify buying for yourself. We've got 60 gift ideas for guys we're sure you'll be able to compile a full list from. There's something for everyone; a Back to the Future Delorean that lights up? A $75 fountain pen? Craftsman tools? We've got you covered.

Under $20

Shinebox Parking Tickets For Those Who’ve Crossed the Line – $6.95
These subtly rude parking notifications make sure those who don’t know how to effectively park are made aware of the fact that they don’t know how to effectively park.

Gerber Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool – $9.84
Swiss Army knives are fine but do any of them have a pry bar or X-ACTO blade? That’s what I thought.

The Tipping Point – $8.97 and Outliers – $11.75 by Malcolm Gladwell
Two intriguing books, one about small changes in human behavior cause drastic changes, and the other on why some people succeed and others never reach their full potential.

Gymboss Interval Timer – $19.99
Imagine an insane kitchen timer that you can program intervals, limit your rests, and kick up your gym results. Yeah, we didn't know they made them either.

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap – Peppermint (32 oz.) – $15
I know soap doesn’t sound like a great gift but Dr. Bronner’s is so much more than just soap. It can be used for shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and even light household cleaner to name a few (their website claims at least 18 uses). For outdoorsy-campy types, Dr. Bronner’s is vegetable oil based and thus safe to use during camping without environmental worry.

USB Office Lamp– $16
Great for working on your laptop in low light conditions such as an airplane or the park at night(?). No batteries required, just plug it in to a USB port for some extra light.

Tamiya Mini 4WD Cars – $15
These incredible Japanese Mini 4WD cars come with a working double shaft motor, wheels, and basic gears to get you racing out of the box. Of course you can also buy parts upgrades (racing slicks!) and flashy attachments (diode lights!).

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt – $20
A T-shirt that tells you how strong the wireless internet signal is wherever you wear it…

The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers – $10.19
Chicago Sun-Times religion journalist Cathleen Falsani watched all of the Coen Brothers’ canon in order to articulate the questions and beliefs posed by the filmmaking siblings.

Digital Speed Sensing Baseball – $18.99
As accurate as a major league radar gun, this baseball is perfect for ending those “no you're not good enough for the minor league” arguments with your buddies once and for all.

RFID Blocking Wallet – $19.99
Credit card companies and secret shadow government organizations are increasingly using RFID chips in cards, with untold effects on your privacy and butt cheeks. As Think Geek points out, “it's more comfortable than aluminum foil in your pants.”

High-end Grooming Products – $15+
If you've never been able to justify spending you're own money on $15 shaving cream, this is the perfect time to get one of your sucker loved-ones to do it for you. May we recommend Ritual's line of manly man-products? Check our review here.

Analog Multimeter – $7.95analog multimeter
Whether you need to identify what's broken in your girlfriend's hairdryer, test for an energy leak in your car, or just test the charge of some AA batteries sitting around, this is a great tool to have that most guys never think to buy on their own. (Get the analog version, take our word for it.)

Select Snorg Tees – $18.95

City Secrets Insider Guides – $13.57 each
In addition to aiding travelers with informational companion books to major cities like New York and Rome, City Secrets now offers essay-filled road maps through the worlds of both Film and Literature.

Sports Illustrated Slide Show – $19.77
A historic collection of the legendary sports magazine’s half-century worth of photography that will transform any coffee table into something worth looking at.

Case-Mate iPhone ID Case – $19.99
Rather than worry about both your phone and a wallet all the time, this protective shell contains small storage spaces for two credit card-sized items (or cash), meaning there’s less in your pockets when you go to the gym or to a party

Barack Obama Action Figure – $19.99
Show off your American pride with this Obama action figure designed by the creator of Ren and Stimpy.

Sage Spartan Soldier Hayabusa action figure – $9.99
Keep those unruly books on the shelf in line with this Halo Series 6 Medal Edition soldier including a triple kill medal.

The Haynes Manual For Your Car – $20
Save some money by making those pesky fixes yourself that aren't worth paying a mechanic for.

Inglourious Basterds – $18.99 Blu-ray or $21.49 DVD
If you missed this in the theaters, check out Tarantino's war fantasia on Blu-ray.

Under $40

Stanley Heavy Duty Clamp Light – $29.99
A gripping hands-free LED light with a rotating head that’s perfect for use in a workshop, a garage, or in any dark workspace (or just use it as a flashlight when the power goes out).

french coffee pressBodum 8-Cup French Coffee Press – $35.95
If you've been thinking of trying coffee press coffee (we wholeheartedly recommend it) but haven't wanted to drop the forty bucks to experiment, get ol' Uncle Dave to pick one up for you.

Old Video Game systems all in one – NES/SNES combination for $50 or NES/SEGA combo for $40
Relive the magic of your old Nintendo, Super Nintendo or Sega game cartridges without having to re-buy the hard to find old systems or deal with a huge mess of wires. Think Geek’s retro gaming Duos allow you to dust off the old games from your parent’s attics or basement and play them on your TV.

A Classic Film on Blu-ray – $20-$30
Short of installing a home theater, there's no better way to enjoy a movie than in beautiful high definition. With more and more classic films getting released on Blu-ray every month, fall in love for the first time or all over again with the titles that stand the test of time. Our picks: Gone With The Wind and North By Northwest.

Worn Free Vintage Rock T-shirts – $25-$55
You’ll put all other thrift store-bought and purposely-aged Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts to shame with fashions popularized by the likes of Debbie Harris, Rod Stewart, and The Ramones. (Or go way above and beyond and buy the Muhammad Ali luxury robe.)

Outlaws! Adventures of Pirates, Scoundrels and Other Rebels – $29.70
A chronicle of the world’s most infamous and fascinating rule-breakers that is sure to make your bookshelf way more hardcore.

Craftsman 14 pc. Screwdriver Set (or anything Craftsman) – $26.99
You're a man of wonder if you've made it this far in life without any quality tools. Start building your tool box now so you're ready for the future wife, future house, and future kids. For more, check out our Top 10 Tools Every Man Should Have.

Weezer Snuggie – $30 or $50 for deluxe
Hard to believe the guys who brought us the Blue Album way back in 1994 now offer a Snuggie, but they do. Incidentally, it comes with their latest album “Raditude”.

IOGEAR Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Built-In Mic – $25.59
Works with Bluetooth phones and music devices and allows a wireless range of up to 33 feet. Stupid wires that get all twisted. Stupid.

Ear Muff Headphones – $34.95
Or if you need to listen to your tunes while you jog in the dead of winter (overachiever) check out these muffs that will keep your ears warm and the rock rockin'.

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season – Blu-ray $49.99 or DVD $36.99

Get the chance to circle back and figure out everything you've missed. The set includes a 5 disc collection covering the 100th episode, and an incrediblebrook and hunter axe tool list of bonus features.

Wintercheck Julian Scarf – $30
It’s about time scarves started doing more than just keeping us warm – how about some zippered pockets?

Brook & Hunter Premium Mo-Tool Axe – $39.99
Screwdrivers, blades, knives, pliers, can opener, wire cutter, file, wrench, hammer, and axe IN ONE.

500 Days of Summer – Blu-ray $28 or DVD $19
A stylish film about the 500 days of a relationship that perfectly and hilariously captures the guy’s perspective.

Wurkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Power Stays – $29
We understand you may not want to pay for something that comes free with your shirts, but these collar stays are nothing like those flimsy plastic stays. These hold your collar precisely in place with magnets and won't leave you with a wide open collar looking like Travolta from Stayin Alive by the end of the work day.

Laser/Radar Detector – $35
Questionably legal depending on where you live but this radar detector will give you a leg up on the law to avoid tickets.

Cyber Flyer Remote Controlled Mini Helicopter – $29.95
One of those awesome things you see in Sky Mall while on the tarmac, this miniature copter is controlled by a remote and can fly from floor to ceiling.

Jamie’s Food Revolution: Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals – $26.25
Designed for everyone who doesn’t believe they possess any sorts of culinary skill, the Revolution is the Naked Chef’s published explanation (via clear instructions and step-by-step photography) of how to stay healthy, save money, and eat well.

Sort N Save Bank – $30
Seemingly boring but incredibly practical, a sort and save bank allows you to dump your mixed change in and have it sorted into paper tubes which can be deposited at your bank or used in a sock to fight off intruders.

Wii Sports Resort – $46.99
There are a bunch of fun games on this, but only one needed to sell you on it: SWORD FIGHTING.

Back to the Future Lights-and-Sound DeLorean – $39.99
Though a lot of the Back to the Future time machine scale models are awesome, they are mainly for show. This one is for play.

Nintendo/Star Wars Wii Darth Vader Sensor Bar Holder – $39.99
The only thing that would make the Nintendo Wii’s futuristic sensor bar more awesome would be if the sensor bar could serve as Darth Vader’s lightsaber… and that’s what we have, here.

Under $60

portable charcoal grillHotSpot Portable Charcoal Grill – $49.99
This 14 inch, two step set up, grill folds flat to one inch for easy transport, while still allowing generous space for charcoal.

Neighborhoody – $50
Represent your local neighborhood in style with a custom hoody! You choose the words, font, color (and additional graphics if wanted) and Neighboorhoodies will crank it out and send it to you.

New Super Mario Bros – $49.99
Nintendo's dominant market share is proof that the Nintendo Wii knows how to bring the fun, something anyone who's ever waved the remote can attest to. Return to your childhood with this all new side-scroller just released on the Wii. It's 4 player (at the same time). Trust us, it's a lot of fun — one word: propellersuit.

L.L. Bean Rugby Robe – $49.50 – $54.50
Basically, it’s an oversized hooded sweatshirt with a self-tie waist that, by definition, is a robe.

Strap Graphics Custom Leather Guitar Straps – $59 – $89
Turn this standard, functional guitar accessory into yet another canvas on which to express yourself.

Under $100

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live – $79.99
An FM transmitter that uses your iPhone’s GPS application to find the best FM frequency, wherever you go – invaluable on long road trips.

Chumby One – $99.95
An alarm clock that’s compatible with iPods, FM radio, and… oh yeah, THE INTERNET. Wake up to podcasts, news, weather, Twitter, your Google calendar, and Facebook pictures.

SoCal Skater Cruiser Skateboard – $85
You may have lost your affinity for skateboarding when you failed to ollie for the thousandth time at 15, but with a longboard cruiser gone are the hard trick, replaced by a convenient and cool way to zip from place to place.

A Nice Entry-level Fountain Pen – $75
A man of many words needs a way of expressing himself. If you've gotten to the point in life where you don't lose every pen you touch, consider a nice entry level fountain pen like the Cross Century II with 23 Karat Gold Plated Nib.

Roku Digital Video Player – $79.99
If you're jealous of your friends who have Xbox 360's and PS3's who get to watch streaming Netflix for free, check out the Roku player at over half the cost, which allows you to watch 50,000 movies and shows instantly.

Telekinetic Obstacle Course – $99.95
As if the title hasn't convinced you enough to put this on your wishlist, this mind game uses brain waves to maneuver a ball through an obstacle course.

Under $150

Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover – $150
A recycled, very warm, wind- and water-resistant jacket that is getting extremely positive reviews from testers and blogs across the globe.

Framed Vintage Poster of Your Favorite Movie – $150+
We all love posters to decorate with, but we all hate spending the money to get a $15 poster framed for $45. When the cool, vintage poster arrives already in a decent frame, an excellent piece of art is turned into an excellent gift.

Sumo Lounge Omni Bean Bag Chair – $139
This isn't the bean bag chair your sister had when you were 11. These GIANT bean bag chairs are right at home in a modern man's living room, offering plenty of seating options when space is limited.


leather briefcase
Saddleback Leather Co. Briefcase – $519
These high quality leather briefcases work great as laptop bags or carry on luggage. They're built to last–likely longer than you will.

Norelco arcitec 1090 Electric Razor – $215
Norelco has been making some of the best electric razors for decades. Check out the arcitec, it's a little high-end and flashy, but hey, it's not your money. Check out our review here.