The Top 5 Solo Travel Destinations for the Newly Single

The Top 5 Solo Travel Destinations for the Newly Single

Now that you've dumped some excess baggage it's time to pack up your suitcase and explore the world like only a free man can.

By Victoria Witchey

You're fresh out of a breakup and contemplating your current state of affairs. What better time is there to throw caution to the wind and pursue the adventure of a lifetime? Whether you're looking to sow your wild oats, reflect in serene solitude or drown your sorrows in a 22 ounce Margarita, travel is just what the love-doctor ordered. Solo travel manages to enhance your perspective and remove you from your current circumstances in order to see the big, beautiful picture. And hey, a little beach time won't hurt either.

While traveling alone might sound slightly scary to the unseasoned tourist, many people swear that it's the most rewarding way to travel. Free of an endlessly gabbing companion and constant conversation, you can truly take in the sites, sounds and smells of a foreign city. Whether meeting quirky locals or spending quality time with an engaging novel, your trip can reflect your tastes and preferences entirely. Want to sleep till noon every day or visit the same museum three days in a row? The only limitations are your own, and just how much adventure and pleasure you can squeeze into seven days. Indulge yourself and your sense of adventure – you deserve it!

When traveling solo, there are some destinations more friendly and inviting than others. Here are the top five solo travel destinations:


India is an eclectic and exciting destination. You can sail the sacred Ganges River, visit the Taj Mahal, stay at a spa, take up yoga at a retreat center or wander the bustling streets of Chennai. With so much overwhelming commotion going on around you, it's easy to lose yourself (and your drama) in the city streets. India possesses inspiring spiritual overtones, making it a wonderful place for self-reflection, meditation, and contemplation.


Thailand is a great solo destination due to its prime location on the backpacking circuit. In particular, Bangkok and the Thai islands offer low cost single rooms and wildly inexpensive food. A plethora of Internet cafes are abound for those who need their technology fix. A variety of cultural and culinary adventures await the traveler who can appreciate the vibrant and warm friendly nature of the Thai.



Australia is geared up to tourism and independent travel, making a solo trip quite attractive. The lack of a language barrier and the friendly nature of the Aussies only add to the appeal. With loads of independent travelers, Australia is home to an endless array of low-cost hostels and transportation options. Aussies are notorious partiers, so the beer aficionado can look forward to excellent nightlife in Sydney and beyond.



The British frequently travel solo and won't find the concept so strange as some Americans might- dining alone and museum exploring as a party of one seems commonplace to them. Boasting a rich and profound history, you can visit Shakespeare's birthplace, wondrous Stonehenge, a variety of architecturally stunning medieval castles, or intellectually stimulating Oxford. In London, you have a vast cultural collection of museums, historical landmarks and national monuments to choose from as well as prime shopping districts to purchase souvenirs for friends and family.


South Africa

South Africa is a solo travelers paradise. If you set up camp in Cape Town, there are a spectacular array of tours and experiences to satisfy almost anyone. Climb to the top of Table Mountain, shark dive with great whites, visit a shantytown, do a winery tour on horseback, or try hang gliding. Particularly geared towards adventure seekers, there are also many places to relax and enjoy the beauty of this historically rich and dynamic country.

South Africa

Whatever dreamy destination you choose, there is no question that adventure and enrichment await you. Though sun and sand might not mend a broken heart, they'll sure leave you with a glowing tan and a metaphorical spring in your step.

Check your expectations at the door, enjoy your solitude and remember: its all about YOU!

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    Would definitely suggest you to add Dubai as well on your list, but yet again, you have got a wonderful blog!
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  • Jessie Lee

    Sure that traveling solo give you more pleasure. it’s because that we will enjoy many interesting and attractive destination.
    Oahu, Hawaii
    Whether you want complete relaxation in a natural setting or the opportunity to meet an assortment of travelers from around world, Hawaii’s most populated island has you covered.
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  • Hostelio

    I travel solo whenever I can – and do share your philosophy. I’m not unsociable at all, and often team up with other travelers along the way for a stretch, but the freedom of not quite knowing where I’m going next or what I’ll be doing or whom I’ll be meeting is for me a burst of energy.
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  • jason

    i’m dying to go to india – but i won’t travel internationally alone

  • Garry Searle

    Wow. It’s nice to know you included Australia in this Travel Destination. If you guys are going to Australia you might want to visit Sydney. You’ll love the city and you can enjoy the beach too. Hope to see you here soon.

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    it is a very well written article. india is a very beautiful country full of pilgrims,beautiful temples,hill stations and wild life centuries. It is a paradise of nature lovers and tourists

  • bewitched

    Thank you for this post. Solo travel is something I have always wanted to do and your list is very informative. Here’s to exploring the world on your own!

  • Rob

    I have no problems in all countries I have been last 10 years. I have only 3 rules:
    1. read about destination before trip
    2. don’t talk to much 🙂
    3. day is your friend

    With these simple rules you can visit a lots of travel destinations around the World.

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    Hey .very vital article .thanks.I am planning a visit there

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    South africa is hell. Do not go there without a team of armed guards or you run a very high risk of getting tortured, and killed(and raped for the females).