Arrivederci 2008, We’ll See You in Hell

Arrivederci 2008, We’ll See You in Hell

Arrivederci 2008, We\'ll See You in Hell

Love it, hate it, or don't remember it, 2008 is officially over and the new year is underway.  What's coming next is anyone's guess, but coming up with a few things worth taking out of the previous 12 months is considerably easier.

By Kenyon Boltz

We have had a year that can take many titles, depending on your perspective.  The political election of Obama versus Hilary, I mean McCain, was definitely a barnburner.  No matter how much politics tickles the palette; this was a year of “change and hope,” the only variable being what you were changing and hoping for.

The downward economy, the cause of so many factors, such as hedge funds, derivative contracts, fiscal policy, sub-prime mortgages, unscrupulous executives with self-interest, has rolled everyone in a carpet and sent them barreling down the street a la Knoxville.  The talking heads and the late night hosts will have plenty to keep us listening amongst our hours of awaken state worrying… should I get Prozac or shouldn’t I?  C’mon, forty million people can’t be wrong.

While I don't think many people will look back at 2008 as being their finest or happiest, there are definitely some cool things you may have missed.

The Good News

Lo and behold, something appears on the horizon for the all-bearing consumer… and for this year I would like to address three specific products that make this mad world a little more bearable.Arriva Earbuds

First, the Arriva earbuds, for the iPod shuffle (1, 2 GB) generations 2 and 3: these flexible, form-fitting buds will take the floppy, tangling cord and replace it with a discreet and applicable alternative.  Plus, there is a dock for the shuffle that rests against the back of your head.  For people with long hair, congratulations, you almost have nirvana for the capability of listening to your own soundtrack of life. (Retail range $35)

Second, the PowerStick, a flash drive USB battery for all your mobile tech gadgets in the size of a pinky finger.  The PowerStick will recharge your USB-based devices on the go. From the iPod and iPhone, to all the main brands of cellphones out there (LG, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony Ericcson).  If you must have the crackberry or other PDA's, then this little widget will work.  Need to boost that digital camera since the battery's run out on THE actual sighting of Bigfoot; you have the million dollar answer and fame.  Wonderful item, retail range $60.

Last, and definitely not the least, is my personal addiction: the Roku box. This Roku box is nothing like Pandora's; it has the potential for medicinal therapy.  With an active Netflix subscription and broadband speed, you have access to over 12,000 movies at your remote-controll glued fingertips. It is a one-time purchase (retail $100), the size of a textbook from college, can hook up to the best HDTV's or the regular guy's journeyman TV.  The greatest thing is having the DVD capabilities at whim and supplementing your mood, or creating a mood, when you need… nice!

Movies Worth Seeing Before Time Forgets Them

To close out 2008, the top movies are easily propagandistic albeit great movies.  Here is a list that may have been deliciously unattractive at first, but can be devilishly nutritional [The Love Guru… you never had a chance].

  • 21
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Jumper
  • The Bank Job
  • Midnight Meat Train
  • Eagle Eye
  • The Wrestler
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Isn't ending on a list the best way to enter a new year with no explanation; we always have 24 hours a day to reason this out, right?

Happy 2009, everyone. Let's make it a good one.