Pink Obsession: It’s Been Decided, This Summer is Going to Be a Pink One…

Fashion designers have filled their runways with pink this summer, and no doubt these influences will be appearing in retail stores. Can you do it?

At Primer, we are less concerned with designer labels or fads, choosing instead to approach style from a more individualistic perspective (see: Politics of Thrift). But whether we like it or not, the fashion gods, i.e. the designers who produce exorbitantly priced goods, are in fact the ones who set trends. Then a domino effect abounds, causing key style developments to trickle down the chain, so that even the buyers at the Gap are sitting up and taking notice.

And for this summer, the powers that be have suggested that we will all be in Pink. To many of you, donning the color pink may sound like a passé proposal — but take heed. Although, fashion is cyclical, it is ever changing — continually perpetuated by evolving social and cultural trends.

We now live in an increasingly liberal world…one that is inspired by nonchalant European affluence, where masculinity can be defined by casual confidence, as opposed to overwrought muscle flexing.

This view is evidenced in the most recent issue of Vogue Hommes International, where the editors have bunched together a collage of beautiful images, predicting that the summer will spur on a new ‘passion' for pink in the modern man.

The results are stunning (if not slightly shocking), for some male eyes. Yet, what these images suggest is that for the first time, we can be more adventurous when implementing pink into our existing wardrobe.

A man wearing a suit and tiePink pants

Dramtic pieces from the new Ungaro and Tom Ford collections.

So far, the macho male stance on masculinity has limited men to pink polo's, button down shirts and sweaters.

But now, designers such as Emanuel Ungaro and Tom Ford are pioneering a bolder approach to remedy our uninspired laziness.

Insert: brighter tones and different shades. Pink doesn't have to be bland; it can be mixed in with hints of cherry, crimson and red. It can shimmer and it can sparkle – uplifting a dreary outfit from a potential fit of boredom.

A man wearing a pink shirt

Claiborne by John Bartlett availabe at Macy's

The images here mark a more playful sense of boyish charm, claiming something that may have been traditionally construed as feminine (the flaunting of color) — and asserting it as a masculine art form.

For those of you who are still wary, rest assured. We aren't suggesting that you rush out and buy a pink suit (unless you're Brad Pitt of course, to which, you can virtually pull off anything).

Brad Pitt sporting a light pink suit

Brad Pitt sporting a light pink suit

Rather, what we're here to say is that clearly pink is in. Whether in a simple belt, scarf, your underwear, a pair of trousers or a jacket. Don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone.

Still, we also encourage that you respect the limits of your own confidence, personal style and the appeal of your audience (after all, it is you that will know this best!).

Omar Kholeif

Omar is a writer and film curator based in between Glasgow & Liverpool, UK. He is also a Contributing Editor to Primer Magazine. Please visit:, for more information.