Linkszomania for October 7, 2009

Every Wednesday, I’m going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of 13 links chronicling the news throughout the geek world I inhabit. Whether it’s movies, music, art, politics, gadgets, science, sports, grammar, or superheroes… nothing’s out of bounds and everything’s interesting.

Let it begin…

  1. A bunch of mysteriously infertile dinosaur eggs were found in India. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If you’re thinking “Children of Men prequel: Children of Dinosaurs”… then yes, we are on the same page. Someone get Alfonso Cuaron on the phone.
  2. If we were still fighting Nazis, this whole “green” movement would really take off (though I do think likening a person who doesn’t carpool to an ally of Hitler is a tad much).
  3. Last week, we were treated to an examination of the brewing conflict between a streaming service like Netflix and the traditional cable television system. This week, Gizmodo’s Sean Fallon posted the conclusions of his month-long investigation into just how easy, cost-effective, and convenient it would be for one to shed the shackles of cable and replace them with a computer.
  4. Someday, the idea of an “iconic newspaper headline” will be a total relic of the past. In that spirit (and while we still know what a newspaper is), let’s look back at 15 of the Most Iconic Newspaper Headlines Ever Printed.
  5. Ever wanted to know where your city/state’s electricity comes from and how it’s generated? No? Oh… well, you should still give this graph from NPR a look, as it is rather interesting.
  6. Cluebert is a new blog that works only to inform you of interesting little clues that will help you solve some of life’s little problems (like did you know that a slice of lemon can help ease the irritation from insect bites?). Anything with an owl as part of the logo has my attention.
  7. Jim Bumgardner created a musical clock of stars that is actually scientifically accurate. Put it in Full Screen mode and you’ll never have trouble drifting off to sleep ever again (I can't guarantee you won't have psychedelic nightmares, though).
  8. Look, some things in our world are not worth saving but the World Monuments Fund is an organization dedicated to rallying support to ensure that the things worth saving (culturally relevant buildings and locations) do not fall victim to any sort of alteration, either by man or nature. The WMF’s 2010 “Watch List” has been released and there are some pretty incredible places, both in America and around the world, that are currently in danger of being irrevocably ruined. Get into it.
  9. I love cashing in loose change (I often consider putting “Coinstar” as a source of income on my tax forms) and selling things on eBay. Soon, there will be a way for me to essentially combine these activities while also whittling down the growing problem of e-waste: EcoATM is an automated machine kiosk that analyzes and pays for your obsolete cell phones. At the very least, it will get some stuff out of that junk drawer.
  10. The New Republic is a great source for news and their blog on health care reform, The Treatment, frequently provides good insights into the largest story (thus far) in the Obama Era. This week brought a good, informative piece from Jonathan Cohn about the five senators in the Senate Finance Committee whose votes could directly affect not only what the bill looks like but also when it (in any form) may make it to the President’s desk.
  11. Outside Magazine’s blog relays a report from the American College of Sports Medicine that claims daily exercise (45 minutes or more) can drastically reduce one’s chances of getting ill. They didn’t get into specifics but I don’t think Wii Sports was part of their study and/or would qualify as real exercise.
  12. The Smithsonian tells the story behind a stunning portrait of one of America’s most important historical figures, the radical abolitionist John Brown. Just looking at that picture (taken long before his infamous actions in Pottawatomie and Harpers Ferry), you know that dude was going to do something harsh before his time was up.
  13. Coincidentally, just a few days after I gave you some tips on maintaining your weight, Lifehacker compiled a list of five websites/applications/tools that wills help you analyze and keep track of your quest for a better body. Great minds think alike, I suppose (though, for posterity's sake, we can all acknowledge that the greater of those two minds clearly is the one that posts his ideas a few days earlier, right?).

Have a week!

Justin Brown

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