Linkszomania for July 22, 2009

Every Wednesday, I’m going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of 13 links chronicling the news throughout the geek world I inhabit. Movies, music, art, politics, gadgets, science, sports, grammar, and superheroes — nothing’s out of bounds and everything’s interesting.

Let it begin…

  1. Watch this video in HD and try to tell me you’re not mesmerized. Further, if someone had told you that there existed an aquarium on Earth big enough to hold three Whale Sharks, is there any chance you believe it? I wouldn’t. And I’d be wrong. But so happy.
  2. The person who creates an effective, efficient energy system that allows vehicles to run on human waste deserves a medal. Also, maybe some brief psychiatric evaluation in Vienna because while there is a very noble environmental impetus involved in developing this new form of power, anyone who spends their days wrist-deep in tinkle and poop probably needs to take some time off and reevaluate things.
  3. Get ready for a slew of rich people around the world hilariously hurting themselves/getting arrested masquerading as Batman, once this is available for sale (let’s hope there’s some cameras rolling when these inevitable morons take to the streets). I must admit, though, it is a rather sharp replication of the costume from the film and would probably work really well on the right motorcycle vigilante.
  4. I doubt the Air Force will ever literally come to the point of “no human pilots” but it is a little sad to know that the numbers will undoubtedly dwindle as technology progresses. Sure, I love the idea of fewer people being put in harm’s way but “fighter pilot” has such a cachet, I’d hate for our world to eventually lose it as an ongoing cultural reference. That being said, the fact that the most commonly used robot jet (let’s stop calling them “drones” for the sake of awesome science-fiction nomenclature) is dubbed “the Predator” is just too perfect. Let’s give it weird alien dreadlocks, while we're here.
  5. Wired very quickly and hilariously runs down the 10 Worst Evolutionary Designs in animals of Earth. I love it but I’ll argue that “whoever decided that human sex organs needed to look like horrifying deep-sea creatures” should have at least garnered an honorable mention.
  6. This is a rather old story but its history only increases the amount of enjoyability and intrigue contained therein: meth addicts apparently love to look for and/or steal Native American artifacts. Huh? Seriously, there must be some strange reasoning behind this connection aside from the financial or geographical excuses trotted out in the article. Anyway, I couldn’t be more intrigued… drug users are crazy.
  7. I’m torn: I like that our civilization is capable of making scientific discoveries of this magnitude but… well, this means we have a whole lot more work to do on the DNA front and that’s slightly depressing.
  8. A one-person monorail powered by the passenger pedaling? Marvelous. However, its widespread application as anything more than an amusement park ride remains a mystery. Who cares, though? It’s neat to look at.
  9. What part of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars translated to Lego” wouldn’t I be interested in?
  10. I’m going to call it, right now: due to evolution and adaptation and everything, animals will someday be nearly invincible. They’ll have developed immunity to every pesticide and poison, a defense mechanism for every sort of physical assault (as the article explains, creatures are now developing the ability to effectively neutralize the hunting abilities of other animals which, let’s be honest, is just astounding), and the power to see into the future. All right, that last one might not pan out. But if it does? Oh man, I'll be the new Nostradamus.
  11. I don’t drink alcohol of any kind but I would be far more inclined to consider it if beer looked more like this and less like urine and/or dirty, foamy water. Plus, I’m a fan of Asian cuisine and the color blue so… really, this could be the perfect storm that leads me down the alcoholic path.
  12. Fast Company runs down the 10 Oddest Places to Live or Work. I have a weird attraction to Adam Kalkin’s odd container homes-within-homes; the idea of having the warm and cozy house inside the giant, cold, sterile hangar – literally the past living inside the future – is mind-blowingly cool.
  13. Remember how the last scene of Back to the Future served as the first scene of Back to the Future II but, due to a different actress playing Jennifer and Michael J. Fox looking noticeably older between the two films, they completely re-shot it? Unless you’re a well-versed all-purpose nerd, you probably don’t. But some of us do recall this and to satiate this minority, someone finally put them side-by-side in an effort to make us all marvel at just how well Robert Zemeckis pulled off the recreation. Good for him.

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Justin Brown

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