Linkszomania for July 15, 2009

Linkszomania for July 15, 2009

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By Justin Brown

Every Wednesday, I’m going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of 13 links chronicling the news throughout the geek world I inhabit. Movies, music, art, politics, gadgets, science, sports, grammar, and superheroes — nothing’s out of bounds and everything’s interesting.

Let it begin…

  1. 40 years ago this week, man landed on the moon. Six percent of Americans don’t believe it. In related news, the other 94% of Americans are smarter than a doorknob. It happened. Yes it did. Also: why wasn’t more made of the fact that Buzz Aldrin literally punched one of these “the moon landing was a hoax” conspiracy theorists in the face and the police refused to file charges? That’s one of the greatest stories ever told. And if you want to see the Mythbusters Moon Landing episode mentioned in the article, it’s on YouTube.
  2. Related to the Moon Landing That Absolutely Happened, a website from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum titled ‘We Choose The Moon’ (a phrase grabbed from the President Kennedy’s historic 1962 speech) has been launched. The project will interactively re-create the Apollo 11 mission in real-time via the utilization of many tools created on this here Internet. Basically, our world is now affording us the opportunity to “experience” the historic NASA achievement as the entire world experienced it, forty years ago. Technology wow!
  3. Courtesy of Visual Economics, a chart explaining where most of Americans spend their money, each year. I’d like to know more about the “Miscellaneous” category, if that’s possible. Also: anyone else kind of baffled by the numbers on Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco? They seem low, to me.
  4. Before you know it, all hybrid cars are going to look as-cool as the most recent Honda CR-Z concept. What’s next? Precrime?
  5. I wonder if the pilot told the passengers why, exactly, their flight was being delayed. I think, when it comes to turtle orgies, you need to be as upfront as possible.
  6. Sure, the chances that you’ll get your wallet back if it contains baby pictures are good but… the odds you’d see any of your money again? I’ll go with “never.” Especially if it’s cash – no paper trail, there.
  7. The next time you are scolded for staring at the ceiling instead of paying attention or doing some sort of constructive activity, you can rest easy knowing that you are actually helping yourself. Plus, you’re probably smarter than the person giving you grief.
  8. Domination over the worlds of technology, currency, material, and philanthropy just isn’t enough for Bill Gates, it would appear. Now he basically wants to be an Olympian God, too. Well, I have yet to see any results but I’m pretty sure I’m on board – if we’re going to trust anyone to control hurricanes, it might as well be Bill Gates.
  9. If you like Michael Jordan, Gatorade, and illuminated street art, I just made your week.
  10. First, Australia. Then, the world! I must ask, though, with all the talk of eliminating bottled water from our lives and everything: why aren’t we extending some of this ideology to bottled soda? It comes in cans or from fountains. We should be just as outraged about all those bottles, too.
  11. Nuclear power plants probably aren’t ever going to be the dominant source of American electricity. Celebrate accordingly, anti-nuke people. However, you should read this Good article and learn about some of the real reasons why the future is not nuclear (spoiler: none of the reasons have anything to do with glowing green waste, health hazards, or terrorists).
  12. I’ll be honest: one of the top-five things I’m not looking forward to over-paying for, in my future, is a wedding cake. However, at least now I know that it is not some recently concocted social status nonsense scheme to weasel money away from a young couple, but rather a long and proven tradition the world over (although, really, it still is nothing but a social status nonsense scheme).
  13. Do you live in one of CNN/Fortune/Money’s “2009 Best Places to Live”? If so, please write me an email everyday and let me know just how superior your life is, compared to mine.

Have a week!

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