Linkszomania for December 30, 2009

Every Wednesday, I’m going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of 13 links chronicling the news throughout the geek world I inhabit. Whether it’s movies, music, art, politics, gadgets, science, sports, grammar, or superheroes… nothing’s out of bounds and everything’s interesting.

Let it begin…

  1. Did we ever come up with an acronym for “Visible Underwater, Mostly Silent-Yet-Still-Deadly Farts”? I can't remember but if so, we need to add a ‘T’ on the front because now we’re talking turtle toots.
  2. Lost in the annual madness of the Christmas weekend was the rather astounding fact that Amazon sold more Kindles than actual books, on December 25. Pull the flying car around front, Astro.
  3. I don’t know if these stylized bike helmets are necessarily cool but they are a clear step in the right direction, as most every bike helmet prior to now was clearly designed by the renowned Dorkus Maximus.
  4. This may not matter to any non-San Francisco residents but I find the disappearance of the Pier 39 sea lions completely fascinating. Do you think they went to space?
  5. If you got some nice shoes for the holidays that are a little too snug (but you can’t exchange them), The Guardian offers up some tips on making them work for you.
  6. The first decade of this century looked like it was going to give the New York City skyline a bunch of crazy gifts but many of them didn't pan out for a variety of reasons – Curbed NY has a list of the top 10 architectural failures.
  7. You really need to watch a music video wrought purely out of chords, bass notes, and vocal samples from Disney Pixar’s Up rather than read about it.
  8. How’s this for a sobering statement of the year that is about to end: “the United States is no longer the world’s top car market”. Pow! Right in the kisser.
  9. Whether your New Year’s Eve is actually memorable or not, starting January 1, you will be able to legitimately preface every recollection of the evening with the extremely powerful “once, in a blue moon” statement.
  10. I didn’t know this until I saw one but, as it turns out, cantilevered drawbridges are MUCH cooler than normal drawbridges.
  11. Here’s something that has somehow eluded the mainstream when it comes to “weird historical truths”: the American military once experimented with nuclear artillery. I think these pictures say it all.
  12. If you have enough money to bid nearly $100,000 on one of the most authentic-looking Doc Brown Delorean Time Machines ever made, you probably should just invest that money in the development of an actual time machine .
  13. Picture the last ten years. No, not in your mind — here, on the New York Times website. Doesn't look like much, when you condense it down to tiny, colorless, square icons, does it?

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Justin Brown

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