Linkszomania for April 29, 2009

Linkszomania for April 29, 2009

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By Justin Brown

Every Wednesday, I'm going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of 13 links chronicling the news throughout the geek world I inhabit. Movies, music, art, politics, gadgets, science, sports, grammar, and superheroes – nothing's out of bounds and everything's interesting.

Let it begin…

  1. Somehow, against all odds, vinyl will now be carried in Best Buy stores nationwide. Anyone who placed bets on this development, five years ago, is now standing to make a ton of money.
  2. Let it be known that you can save all the money you've allocated for burglar alarms and padlocks as long as you have rudimentary Photoshop skills and a picture of Dolph Lundgren (or if you actually have a picture with the guy, just be sure to make it very prominent in your home).
  3. Stilts suddenly seem way more awesome than they did, the last time I checked. Oh, and I can now say I would totally watch ten people wearing these, playing basketball.
  4. Call me crazy but any time a doctor says “there is absolutely no way [human cloning] will not happen“, that qualifies as news.
  5. Everyone's probably seen the custom Google map displaying all reported cases of swine flu. Well, here's something positive and actually useful; five reasons why all the American media-induced panic is a wee bit unfounded.
  6. Henry Abbott of TrueHoop discusses a fashion in which playoff inexperience can be easily identified in the NBA.
  7. Y'know how entertainers on Twitter can be ultimately very uninteresting and unimpressive in 140-character format? Well, check out adventurers (yes, adventurers) on Twitter. People text messaging you via the Internet from geographical marvels around the world is actually rather interesting.
  8. When billboard companies in New York City started throwing up unregistered advertisements on hundreds of walls across the city, artists took offense to the companies turning profits by way of these unauthorized, intrusive and ugly ads. Enter: the NY Street Advertising Takeover. The illegal billboards were whitewashed and replaced by personal street art.
  9. I'm feeling better about holding off on the Blu-ray transition as more and more comes out about these holographic discs. Plus, “holodisc” sounds so much more radical science-fiction than “Blu-ray,” which always sounded like a lame Hawaiian Punch flavor, to me.
  10. The dinosaurs may not have died as quickly, via asteroid, as we all have accepted (it may have taken several hundred millennia, in fact). Regardless, you know it's a slow news week when stories like this pop up.
  11. Natalie Portman started a website called MakingOf to help expose more film fans to the process of creating all aspects of entertainment via interviews, articles, pictures, and all sorts of media. And you're going to go check it out. To support Natalie. Because I said so.
  12. Rhett Dashwood spent months combing through Australian Google Maps images, attempting to find typography in topography. The least you could do is just go look at his work.
  13. I am unfamiliar with the BBC program All the Small Things but it seems very clear that the show's titular connection to Blink 182 is not lost on those working behind the scenes (another obvious shout-out here). All songs deserve this treatment, I am quite certain.

Have a week!

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