Linkszomania for April 22, 2009

Linkszomania for April 22, 2009

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By Justin Brown

Every Wednesday, I'm going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of 13 links chronicling the news throughout the geek world I inhabit. Movies, music, art, politics, gadgets, science, sports, grammar, and superheroes – nothing's out of bounds and everything's interesting.

Let it begin…

  1. Dominique Wilson is one of those photographers whose work inspires equal parts awe and arrogance. You look at it and are immediately impressed but then you start to believe “I could do this.” Then you take your own pictures… and they don't look like Dominique's… and then you're just impressed again.
  2. If you aren't familiar with the web comic known as XKCD, then you need to wake up to one of the greatest features on the Internet. The geeky proprietor, Randall Munroe, is working on self-publishing some of the strip's greatest panels into book form and telling the New York Times all about it.
  3. The ever-awesome Jason Schwartzman of Coconut Records will eventually be regarded as the Jackie Robinson of exclusively-digital music marketing and distribution. Maybe. Don't quote me on that.
  4. Part of me wonders if this sort of guerrilla film exhibition technique running strong in New York is going to alter the way a certain bracket of movies are proliferated, as the years go on. Another part of me just thinks it'd be great fun to see a movie on a rooftop (or backyard) in the summer. for the second time.
  5. I wish there were more dinosaur scientists regarded as “rock stars.”
  6. I think we can reasonably assume that without Star Wars, this person may have died. (To be fair, though, I attribute a lot of life-saving occurrences to the existence of The Holy Sixology.)
  7. TRV$AM (the collaboration of Travis Barker and DJ AM) performed at Coachella over the weekend. Lucky for those of us unable to attend, an audience member's understandably shaky camera was rolling and the audio is surprisingly solid. Now, aside from the fact that one of the many songs they repurposed was Michael Jackson's phenomenal “Rock With You,” it's a great bit of Internet posterity for one simple reason: it is positively awesome to see these two guys are back on stage and making music.
  8. Judges for the annual Picture of the Year contest in Denmark have broached a very interesting question regarding the “post-production” work put into certain nominated photos. How much Photoshop is too much? Should there be more specific categories within photography contests, drawing a distinction between the entries using digital manipulation and those that went without? The mind reels.
  9. I'll be honest: I have no idea how these things aren't already being mass-produced and sitting in every bedroom in America. Who wouldn't invest in one of these? It has no drawbacks and like a thousand benefits.
  10. The “you guys might actually be TOO smart”-people over at Amron Experimental have launched a new idea that might be their most logical one yet. ‘New Soap, Old Bottle' is a product line wherein the Amron geniuses take old discarded beverage bottles (plastic and glass), clean them, fill them with assorted brand-name liquid cleaning agents, label them, and sell them for cheap. Why? Because it cleans up our planet and, to quote the website, “Big companies aren't going to do this on their own. So we'll do it for them.” I wish I had more of a need for soap and Windex so I could buy a million dollars' worth of their stuff.
  11. Something tells me we should all get used to the name “Shai Agassi” when it comes to automobiles.
  12. This is a few weeks old but that makes it even more surprising: a space tourist returned to Earth for the second time. How was this not bigger news? I couldn’t escape people talking about Lance Bass wanting to go to space, a few years ago, and here this American billionaire formerly of Microsoft not only has gone to space twice but returned both times with little to no fanfare. I don’t understand.
  13. Blow all your friends' minds via switchplates crafted as three-dimensional illusions.

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