Breaking in White: It’s Not As Hard As You Think

It's still very rare to find a pair of white pants in a guy's closet. Let's face it, wearing white is such a fashion statement that most guys are intimidated to wear it. The key to breaking that wall down is really having a good understanding of how best to pull it off. By the time you're done reading this, you should be making a trip to your favorite men's store looking for your first pair of white pants.

The rule of thumb for wearing white is creating balance. Pairing your white pants with the right shirts, shoes, and accessories can make you look sophisticated, classy, and luxurious. On the other hand, the wrong combination can bring out the Old Man Sailor in you.

So here are the rules:

1. For the beginner, get initiated with a pair of white jeans.

Like your regular blue denims, its all about fit. Stay away from wearing Skinny whites. Stick to straight or boot cut denims. These cuts give you versatility to easily dress your denim up or down. Pick a white jean that has very little detailing. The cleaner it is, the easier it is to dress up or dress down. Shoe options depending on the look include pristine white sneakers, loafers, or laceups.
white denim gap

GAP Selvage (White Denim Wash) Jeans

2. Advance to linen.

Once you've broken in your white denims, it's time to advance to white linen pants. Anything made from linen always comes with a self regulating cooling mechanism. The nature of this fabric makes it the ultimate choice for pants, shirts, scarves, and hats during the summer months. You can easily pull a sophisticated look with a navy pinstripe French cuffed shirt, sand suede shoes, and a paper fedora. If you're not too keen about the wrinkles, look for a pant that is a linen/cotton blend.


J.Crew Classic Fit Irish Linen-Cotton Pant, $75

3. Go for the blazer.

Now that you've built your confidence up and are ready to kick your white wardrobe up a notch, explore a white linen blazer or go all out with a full suit. Again, easily dressed up or down with a contrasting colored dress shirt or v-neck for a more casual look. For suiting, keep the fit tailored and modern. The length of your sleeve should sit on your thumb knuckle. And you know your suit jacket is too tight when you start seeing creases across the first two buttons of the jacket.

white blazer
Banana Republic, White Blazer

White symbolizes cool, relaxed, purity, cleanliness and innocence. It makes Spring colors come to life. It makes a great canvas for patterns, shapes and lines. Most importantly, it makes every man's wardrobe contemporary this season. No longer feeling intimidated? I thought so.

Paulo Vallejo is a Vancouver-based style artistwho is a true master of his craft. His knowledge of fashion is driven by his personal style and creativity. His work graces various print media in fashion and advertising. He’s also a freelance writer who pens on topics around personal style and the latest fashion trends across the globe. He also works privately with individuals to define their image, create their unique style, and shop for the right pieces to complement their existing wardrobe. He can be found on Follow him on Twitter @istyleu.