A Tie He’ll Finally Want, From One Man to Another

A Tie He’ll Finally Want, From One Man to Another

A tie he\'ll finally want, from one man to another - text

Picture this:  your father opens a box addressed from his favorite son (you — maybe a stretch, just go with it) and pulls out a tie.  He's a simple man, doesn't want anything fancy, but a tie? For Father's Day? That's awfully cliché.  Don't worry, he doesn't have a tie like this.

Your mom compliments the gesture with something similar to, “Oh that's niiiiiice!”  And the day goes on as usual.

Your true sonmanship will shine later though.  Maybe he's putting it away, maybe he's putting it on for the first time, whenever it is that he flips it over for the first time — that's when it happens.  The son to father, man to man moment Father's Day is all about.

Stylish with a touch of refinement from an era when men had liquor cabinets in their offices, these ties from Miss Feeney's Finery come in a host of styles, colors, and ladies.

Don't let another year pass with a gift card to The Olive Garden or a tie from JCPenney, give 'em something with some class.

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