Exclusive Clip from the New Comedy Series “Decisions, Decisions”

Check out these exclusive outtakes from the new comedy series that takes a game of ‘would-you-rather’ to a professional level.

From Crackle's Original Web Series Decisions, Decisions

Comedy team Handsome Donkey's comedy web series delves into the twisted minds of bored office workers everywhere. Decisions, Decisions follows Roger Ponders (Brendan Countee) and Patrick Shruggs (Adam Countee) as they fight off the tedium of the average workday by playing a hypothetical game of questions and answers.

For example, would you rather have your brain mix-up the words “football” and “masturbation” OR have to re-live all of your drunkest moments? In total there are 15 episodes. Check out all of the episodes at www.crackle.com/c/DecisionsDecisions.

Our favorites:

  • Would you rather have to shower with basketball legend Dikembe Mutombo every day for the rest of your life OR have all of your bodily fluids come out purple, like in the Gatorade commercials?
  • Would you rather your life be a cartoon OR all of your petty arguments erupt into Bourne Identity-style fight sequences?
  • Would you rather only be able to open doors by kicking them in like Chuck Norris OR have to carry a bright pink dildo with you everywhere you go?