What This Woman Wants

What This Woman Wants
Copyright Evie Phillips | Photos by Roni Kay
By Evie Phillips


Chivalry isn't dead so don't let it die. Nowadays men take for granted their ability to be chivalrous. Did you know that EVERY and I mean EVERY woman appreciates chivalry, I don't care how independent she may seem, it's respected and can seriously turn out to be a heap of brownie points. Open the door and not just the door to a restaurant, but the car door, just to make sure she gets in okay. On a first date a gentleman pays for the meal. This isn't because she is a gold digger. The reason your boss pays for dinner is the same reason you pay for hers. If she offers to pitch in, this time, the first time, deny her.


Every man knows or should know that it is NOT okay to say “yes” to the question, “Do I look fat in this?” Yet we also don't fancy “No, baby you look fine in that!” When complimenting your girlfriend, don't lie or pad the truth. Make it genuine or suggestive. “Babe, that's definitely your color” or “I don't love that on you what about this one? I know you would look amazing in it!”


If you didn't already know gentlemen, women seek a man who is financially stable or at least the majority of them do. What I think is the biggest misconception of the “Money Issue” is that just because a woman seeks out a man that is financially secure immediately she is dubbed a “gold digger.” This couldn't be further from the truth.

A financially stable or hardworking woman seeks out the same because she has enough respect for herself to not want to be taken advantage of or be the wo-MAN of the house. For a successful or ambitious woman knowing that down the line herself and her partner will be able to meet in the middle and both be financially anchored, together and independently is very crucial.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

First and foremost it is not all about the size for most women, it really has to do with how you rock the boat or if you are even able to get the boat to rock. Either you know what you are doing or you don't. However, it doesn't matter how good it is if you're a jerk. Sex only goes so far and can only keep a woman happy for so long if you are not treating her correctly.

Drugs and Drinking

Honestly if this is a part of your daily life, then you should be hunting down woman who is of the same nature or you could do yourself a favor and find one that might calm you down a bit. Not too many ladies out there want a drug-head or a drunk as a boyfriend. Your façade might fool us for a while, but it's just not the ideal characteristics for any man to hold.

Rock and Roll

Listen no matter how young or how old, Cindy Lauper said it best, “Girls just wanna have fun!” Show us a good time; don't be afraid to go out on a limb and do something you wouldn't normally do. If you like us put it on display and try to be different, there are plenty of ideas from female friends and websites that you can obtain for unorthodox dates or gifts ideas. Romance is fun, a good laugh is fun, a good meal is fun, a meaningful or well thought out day is fun. Don't be a schmuck put a little brainpower into it.

Take my advice it will help you in the long run.

Sincerely yours with some womanly wisdom,
Little Miss Guidance, Evie Phillips