Mallory’s 5 Sure Fire Signs She Wants to Call It Quits

Mallory’s 5 Sure Fire Signs She Wants to Call It Quits

Things had been going great with your girlfriend, but recently she's been acting differently. Watch out for these 5 signs she wants out.

Everyone has had that friend, you know, the guy in a dead end relationship who can't seem to see the obvious truth that “it's over.” But how can you tell if your girl's ship has sailed?

Here are 5 sure fire signs she wants to call it quits and it's time to pull the cord.

By Mallory Cervas

1. She loves you, she loves you not.

She used to love how you smothered her with questions, how you left for work without making the bed, and how you let your laundry pile up until you were out of clean underwear. Those good old days have disappeared and you notice she is now critiquing you like your mother. A healthy partnership is an equal one. When she is having major issues with minor subjects, it's a sure sign she's not ready to give up her independence and control.

2. She transforms from Katie Holmes to Pam Anderson, or vice versa.

Your girl doesn't typically dance on bars, or wear see thru dresses, but suddenly she's revamped her style and is taking on a whole new attitude to match. While minor appearance/behavior changes are normal for women, any sudden and dramatic deviation from normalcy should send a red flag that she is feeling the need for drastic change in her life, and the next may be eliminating you.

3. She's not pregnant but she's crying for no reason.

Believe it or not, there are many ways girls exhibit feelings without speaking. If your girl wants out and isn't ready to talk to you about it, she may act really explosive or be very short when interacting with you. In contrast, her internal guilt for holding back may instead result in over excessive apologies and unexplained tear-fests. While understanding a woman's feelings is admittedly no easy task, behavior such as those just described should be monitored and the source of them identified if possible.

4. No amount of chocolates (or anything for that matter) will make her happy.

Nothing you say, do, or don't do will make her happy. There is something unsaid when you are going to all ends to accommodate your lady's feelings and all is failing. You don't try to win a race without a finish line and you shouldn't keep beating yourself up for her if your endeavors go unrecognized or unappreciated. Save the effort for the girl that will appreciate it.

5. Dude, where's her stuff?

Just as her stuff appeared all over your apartment it's just as quickly disappearing. Not only that, but she has also lost interest in having sex with you. Her change of clothes for the morning is gone, why? Well she doesn't really want to spend the night tonight, and she's not really interested in “dessert” after you treat her to dinner. To make matters worse, the goodnight kiss that now happens outside the restaurant is rated PG and she's taking a cab back to her apartment. While its no secret that men crave sex more often than most women, just like Kristen and E on HBO's Entourage, all those avoided sleepovers or sudden cases of food poisoning are usually signs that she is diddling someone else, or at least thinking about it.

Here's the bottom line: mystery is great at the beginning of a relationship, but a healthy couple communicates, and they are honest with themselves as well. If you're having second thoughts about how she's feeling, talk to her, chances are there's validity behind your concern. After all, ultimately dating is all about looking for fun, and for the experience of feeling more confident about yourself.

Mallory currently works as a spokes model for various companies in New York City. The next few months she will be heading out west for a career in TV Hosting. Visit her website at

Photographer: Ron Arrindell
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Miller