Your New Year’s Resolution Starts Today

Everyone starts their diet tomorrow. Or next week. Or January 1st. Putting things off is easy and once things are shelved, it's even easier to forget about them altogether. When it comes to changing your life for the better, every day you wait is a day you lose. This year, your New Year's Resolution starts today.

The odds that you are someone that has set a weight loss goal for their New Year's Resolution in the past, or will again this year, is very, very high. Many people need and want to lose weight and they figure after the Holiday season, it's the best time to get started. When it comes to your health, any time is a good time to get started and sooner is always better. So if you want to improve your body and life, why wait?

January 1st is just as arbitrary as any other date. Sure, there is the tradition of setting a New Year's Resolution, but traditionally most people end up faltering on that within just a few weeks. In practice, any date is just as good as another. Mondays are Mondays and the third of the month is the same as the fourteenth. There is no reason to assign a special significance in start dates for something as serious as your health, appearance, and well-being.

Resolution Inset

This year, instead of setting a New Year's Resolution, set a Life Resolution. And start tomorrow, not the next day or the next month or the next year. We've already passed Thanksgiving so there are few “food hurdles” ahead on the Calendar. Christmas and New Years, days where it's ok to eat a little more or drink a little more. Isn't it better to have 40 good days and 2 “bad” days under your receding belt come January 1st than 40 average days and 2 bad days? Of course. All you're doing by not starting today is procrastinating. You're pushing it back because you're looking for an excuse already. If you're serious about getting your life on a new and better track, then be serious about getting started as soon as possible. You don't need to wait until you have new gym shorts, new shoes, or any other trivial thing. All you need to change your life is a good head on your shoulders and the dedication to see it through.

Resolutions aren't solely confined to weight loss. Whatever you're aiming to do, whether it's pick up a new sport, cook more, spend less, or invest more time with friends, get a leg up on everyone else and start now. Make tomorrow the January 1st of the rest of your life. You'll be happy that you did when you're looking and feeling better earlier than the other guy. So quit wasting time, get out there and get going. Now is not the time to put things off, it's time to get things started. I know I'm starting my Resolution early this year, in fact, by the time you read this, I'll already have embarked on my next goal. Join me in starting now and get the progress ball rolling or wait til January when I'll already be 40 days further down the road.

Robert Fure

Robert Fure is a fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment writer living in Los Angeles. He is also a certified Personal Trainer and the Creator/Editor of Fit and Furious, an online outlet dedicated to the pursuit of a fit lifestyle. His entertainment work can be viewed at Film School Rejects.