The Making of a Millionaire Mind

The Making of a Millionaire Mind

Millionaire Mind

If you want to be a millionaire you've got to stop thinking like the middle-class. Change your mindset and your bank account will follow.

By Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, MHt

Let’s face it, we’re not taught to think like the ultra-rich. School teaches us how to be good worker bees and get into debt. Oh, look, shiny new iPod…I need it. Cha-ching, bought and paid for, most likely with credit. But, take a moment and step outside your current reality and think of the things the ultra-rich do to increase their wealth and cash flow.

They have multiple businesses, properties, travel a lot and have a lot of things. What would you spend your day doing? What would you buy? Would you help people in need? Invent new things? Travel extensively?

Now…ask yourself, why am I not already doing these things? Did you learn any skills from family or school to help you get yourself financially sound and free from bad debt? The answer: no. Unless you’ve been educating yourself, your skills in cash flow management are woefully inept. As it is for ALL of us.

Entrepreneurs such as Keith Cameron Smith, the author of “The 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class,” and Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” both point out the ultra-rich have a different way of thinking and doing things. You want to be a part of the elite crowd? Then try these on for size.

  1. Think Long-Term – Don’t focus on day to day, focus on year to year and then build a five and ten year plan. Pick a long term goal and map your way back from it to the present day. You want to be a best-selling author? You should be writing today.

  2. Focus on Ideas – Dream and dream big. Stop worrying about collecting things or worrying about who said what to who. Ideas made FedEx. Ideas made the pet rock. Neither of which were thought to be ‘great’ ideas. Both made money and changed our culture.

  3. Embrace Change – The one thing in the universe that’s guaranteed? Things change. Look at each change as a chance to grow and learn new skills. Every time you come across a potential snag stop and think how this change can benefit or positively impact your long term goals and implement adjustments.

  4. Take Calculated Risks – We’re not talking jumping out of an airplane; we're talking about educating yourself about the pros and cons of taking a financial action to help increase your net worth. Learn about real estate, learn about investing…and then DO something with the knowledge. Take a chance! Things that can earn you real money will always have some level of risk, otherwise everyone would be doing it already.

  5. Continue to Learn and Grow – Attend workshops and seminars in things you want to pursue, find like-minded people to learn about how they’re increasing their net worth. Most of all…stop hanging out with the downers who have nothing to do but whine about how they can’t ever make ends meet, yet somehow they just got a Playstation 3 and a 42 inch plasma.

  6. Work for Profits – Most of us work for a paycheck and think WOW, that 4% annual raise really is going to help me out. I can invest more and do more. Right? No, the increase shows up as barely $100 and it’s already spent once it hits your bank account. Start finding ways to bring in profits! Join a network marketing business and learn to sell something. But, believe in what you’re trying to sell. Take some of your ideas from #2 and start marketing them, or even patent them and then SELL them. Think outside the box!

  7. Be Generous – Some days, a $10 tip is going to make someone else’s day. Or, buying them dinner or groceries. Nowhere in life is there a rule book that says horde what you’ve got. There is abundance in the universe so long as you maintain a healthy relationship with money and what it can do. Take the Dr. Ivan Misner’s, of BNI ( principle, “giver’s gain.” It’s all about relationship building and networking.

  8. Have Multiple Sources of Income – So you have a paycheck, do something with it. Invest, start a company, build up a direct sales business. Revenue is revenue. There are a variety of direct sales companies out there, find one you can be passionate about and use it.

  9. Increase Your Net-Worth – Assets should be working FOR you, they have value and earn you passive income. If you’re working for a paycheck, learn to put that paycheck towards assets that can help you build your income.

  10. Ask Empowering Questions – Ask yourself what you can do, don't tell yourself what you can’t do. You’ll be amazed at the answers your brain can come up with as you condition yourself to think this way more often.

Step outside your comfort zone. Challenge ALL you were taught. Read. Attend seminars. Let your brain create new realities, and hit that goal of being part of the ultra-rich crowd.

Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, MHt, owns Mind-Body-Spirit Works (, a private Holistic Health practice in Northern Virginia. She is a freelance writer (,artist, martial artist, wife and mother who loves living life and helping others reach their potential.