Win a Custom Shirt from Joe Button, with 2 Lucky Winners!

Joe Button is giving away 2 shirts to 2 lucky Primer readers.

Congrats to Frank and Benito for winning the giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered!

To thine own self be true. If there’s one thing you ever take away from William Shakespeare, let it be that – to thine own self be true. To understand others, to understand the world, you must first fully understand yourself. You must truly know who you are. Good advice, right, but what does it have to do with scoring a sweet, custom tailored dress shirt? Everything.

The secret to looking good is knowing yourself – your style, your body. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of examples of this in the real world. One guy, whether it’s someone at your office or Daniel Craig as James Bond, pulls off a look seamlessly. You try it, or the guy from the copy room does, and they look… well, it ain’t pretty. You just don’t get it, you bought the same shirt you saw advertised in the magazine but you’re not a super model yet. Why does that shirt just seem to fit him better? It’s almost like it was made just for him. Ahh.

Looking good comes down to selecting shirts that fit your style and your body. Pulling a shirt off the rack is fine for a lot of people, people that fit the mold of Small – Medium – Large. But what if you don’t fit that mold? Maybe your arms are too long or too short. That killer physique you’re developing has put some Large sized biceps on your Medium sized torso. Maybe you need a shirt that was made just for you.

Enter the custom tailored dress shirt from Joe Button. This allows you to custom create a shirt to both your style and body. There is a wide selection of European fabrics to choose from, allowing you to select the colors and patterns that reflect your personal style. Simple. The real magic comes in from the detailed measurements you submit, allowing them to tailor the shirt to your specific body.

Personally, with almost any shirt off the rack, I’m not going to find a great fit. I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym lifting heavy things up and putting them back down, which has pushed me out of the normal mold. A large shirt will fit great in the chest, but often the sleeves put the squeeze on my arms and shoulders so badly I don’t, or sometimes can’t, even wear the shirt. I’ve used other “made to order” on-line services, but Joe Button lets you customize every measurement of the shirt. A lot of so-called “custom tailor” outlets basically still ask you to fit into slightly broader sizing charts with some length customization, but Joe Button asks for measurements from your neck, wrist, chest, waist, bicep – they want a complete roadmap of your body to create the best fit.

Have a favorite shirt that fits perfectly but wish you had another? Joe Button’s size utility helps you measure the shirt’s dimensions to get the same fit. Are you a perfect Medium except for that man-sized neck? The sizing utility can populate the Medium dimensions and then allow you to modify whatever doesn’t fit that mold. Or say “Screw it,” and have every one of your measurements be custom.

Whether you’re short or tall, broad or narrow, an endurance runner or a bodybuilder, you’ve probably gone through life wearing ill fitting shirts. Time no longer, friend. When both shirts cost the same, you’d be insane to take an option off the rack at a Department Store or Banana Republic when you could have the shirt designed to your standards, your style, your size.

But hey, since you’re cool and we like you, we want to give one of you the chance to get a custom fit and crafted shirt, free of charge. The kind folks at Joe Button were happy to oblige. All you have to do is leave a comment below – share with us your clothing struggles. Want to increase your chances of winning? Hm. Okay, just tweet this contest out to all your followers and consider your odds doubled. Use the hashtag #clothesthatfit and include us on it (@primermag, and thank @joebuttonsup if you have a chance).

How to Enter

  • Leave a comment below telling us how you struggle with clothes. Don’t fit the mold? Are an awkward size?
  • Get a second entry by tweeting this post with the hashtag #clothesthatfit. Feel free to include @primermag or @joebuttonsup.
  • 2 $99 Joe Button Gift Cards will be given away as the prize for the winners.

Two winners will be selected randomly. Giveaway ends 2/3/12.

Read the official rules here.

Sorry Gents! This contest is now closed!

Robert Fure is a fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment writer living in Los Angeles. He is also a certified Personal Trainer and the Creator/Editor of Fit and Furious, an online outlet dedicated to the pursuit of a fit lifestyle. His entertainment work can be viewed at Film School Rejects.

  • Alex R.

    I am in the army so I have to wear clothes everyday that just don’t fit. You would think that they make the uniforms in every size and shape but they simply don’t. However, on that nice, once or twice a week, opportunity when I can wear a my own nice shirt I have struggled to find something nice that fits me well. I went to Brooks Brothers and found that if I wanted a proper fitting shirt that the collar would be too tight, and the large was just too large. These custom shirts seem awesome, and when I can scrap up some extra funds (or win a gift card!) I will definitely be getting one.

  • Jason

    I always have a hard time finding shirts that are long enough in the sleeves. Usually the ones that are, are ridiculously large everywhere else.

  • Joseph C

    I have the “Abe Lincoln” syndrome. I am a slim guy who has a really big wingspan. I find it hard to get shirts that will fit me in the chest without being too short in the arms. When I try to find shirts that fit my arms, it tends to be way to baggy in the chest. Le sigh.

  • Arun

    I have a pretty oddly shaped body. I’m a shorter person with long arms and broad shoulders. It’s pretty difficult for me to find shirts that fit me well without being incredibly long or baggy.

  • Mike

    Larges shirts are too big. Medium shirts are too tight… Need someone to make a size called “In Between”

  • Dan

    I struggle finding shirts with long enough arms and enough room in the chest. I am a tall skinny guy with a little bit of a chest so I don’t quite fit the exact mold of a lot of department stores and their standard fits.

  • John

    Former D-I athlete trying to dress for success in the business world. Wide shoulders, long arms and a smaller waist make it difficult to find shirts off-the-rack that fit well.

  • http://[email protected] Jason

    Since I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’m back to wearing larges! However, I find shirts that are either too tight, or if I go modern fit, its often fits on the arms and shoulders but it’s too long.

  • Kyle L.

    Pretty skinny but I have a long torso. I’m too big for a small, so when I buy a medium, I HAVE to get it tailored or else it ends up looking like a blouse on me. Usually ends up adding at least $15 to the cost of each shirt. I’ve paid less for shirts than the tailoring (although that’s probably part of the problem to begin with). Joe Button shirts are super dope.

  • Frank Corral

    Plain and simple my waist is too small my legs are too long my torso is too short and my arms are too thin i’m 18 and a college freshmen how about you throw something my way that i can show off on campus :)

  • Karl J.

    I’m a tall and thin guy. 6′, 150lbs. Small sized shirts fit nice and trim, but the necks are always too tight and they are too tight in the shoulders. Help a guy out here!

  • Andrew

    My arms are not too long, so the sleeves are usually baggy

  • James

    I’m a tall guy, but very slim.
    Dress shirts are tough to get not-baggy.
    Suits are so hard to find in a 36R with a 32×32 pant.

  • Peter

    I’m a naturally thin guy but I’ve worked to put on some inches in my chest. My shirts always look great through the top few inches, but billow out like a parachute around my waist!