The Getup: Versatile Casual

Drinks with your pals, a lunch date, or catching a movie on a Sunday, look cool without feeling dressed up.



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  • Jake

    hey andrew… what do you think of a blazer with a polo? (random question)

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Jake, I think you can do a blazer with a polo as long as it’s a casual blazer (unstructured, maybe cotton). It’s actually a classic look that gents used to rock quite a bit from the 60′s-70′s, though there look was a little more formal than what we’d want. The key is to keep the look casual so you don’t look like a schoolyard boy with a suit jacket on.

  • Dyerfyer

    I am 31 and absolutely love this site. Great job by all. I have one small request however. I live in north Florida and we only have 2 seasons here – summer and January. So I was wondering if you can throw in a few outfit ideas for the guys that have to put up with this extreme heat I’ve lived with all my life. Thanks guys. Keep up the greatness. – Matt Jax, FL

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/23N4YWQHP4FRNTJJNGBJJJUWDU Mike D

      As a Texan, I second this nomination.

      • JPM

        here here, as a Phoenician we just had our first 97 degree day which means more are around the corner. i need lighter/climate appropriate apparel.

    • Andrew M.

      Those of us in Alabama would also appreciate it! Southerners do wear more than seersucker…

  • John

    That’s a smart looking watch! Just clicked the link and it’s gone down to $69! Definitely snatching that up

  • John

    I’m with the guys from Texas and Florida; when March or April comes it’s basically like July and August in NYC (which is where most of these Getups would work).  I would modify this Getup with chinos instead of cords, lose the socks, and either lose the jacket or go with a short-sleeved shirt, like a polo or camp shirt. 

    @ Phoenix: It gets cool there at night right?  So go with the mods as above, but maybe throw the socks in the pocket of your jacket, which you are keeping rolled up in your messenger bag for when the temps drop at night.  And add a hat, cause sunburn leads to skin cancer.

    • http://twitter.com/hybridtoaster chris

      no, it does not get cool there at night. Out in the open desert maybe, but not in the concrete jungle of Phoenix. During the summer there can be overnight lows in the 100s in downtown Phoenix.

      No one actually wanders around outdoors in the summer dressed anything like this getup. The vast majority of people just go from their air conditioned house into their air conditioned and garaged car, drive from the sprawl to their office, and quickly walk from the parking garage or covered parking to their air conditioned office.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/23N4YWQHP4FRNTJJNGBJJJUWDU Mike D

    Looks like tehe southerners have spoken.  We’d all appreciate your take on this, Andrew. 

    • http://www.primermagazine.com Andrew

      Hey Mike, Stay tuned, I’ve got a hot weather Getup coming this week!

  • JC

    Hold on. In one article (15 things to buy from Target and 5 not to), you say don’t buy shoes from there. Here you recommend a pair?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com Andrew

      Yep, those were leather boots in that article. These are simple canvas shoes.

  • JC

    Also spend more on the sunglasses than any other item in the outfit? lol

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