Pick Up a Pin Up

Pick Up a Pin Up

Copyright Heidi Van Horne

Admit it, you’ve always been attracted to Rosie the Riveter. Real life Pin Up Girl Heidi Van Horne gives you the tips on how to woo the hot neo pin up girl you’ve had your eye on. While her look is 1950′s, her attitude is anything but.

By Heidi Van Horne

Once upon a time (like up until about 5 years ago) the prime place for ogling pin up girls was mostly restricted to calendars and collectibles, but with the fashion world embracing the retro vixen vibe, these days you may only have to look to your left at the local rockabilly bar or car show to find a bevy of hot Bettie or Marilyn-alikes. But you should be warned- there are some things you should know before trying to pick up a pin up girl, as there’s more of a difference between her and your average mall-treading Paris(Hilton)ite than just her red lipstick and custom corset. Navigating those differences can make you sink or swim in the pursuit of a pin up girl. Good thing for you I’m on your side and here to help. ;)

Now, first and most importantly, don’t think that because you’ve found a girl who’s smitten with fashion and films of the past that you’ve found a girl with a 50′s view on the world! You probably won’t get far if you’ve already assumed that your prime girl-next-door specimen is looking for a retro relationship, too. More often than not, the modern pin up girl has a more progressive view on things than the average chick, and while she might prefer some of the simplicity that bygone eras represent, it’s not very likely that her politics are as vintage as her wardrobe. A lot of the girls in the pin up scene are intrigued partly because of the modern tongue in cheek take on antiquated notions of the nuclear family and women’s roles in post WWII America -not exactly just the “I look good in vintage swimsuits” fashion-chasing bimbos you might have initially suspected many of them to be. So don’t think she’ll be impressed when you make chauvinistic jokes or try too hard to act like a “manly” man. She’s clearly comfortable being feminine, she really doesn’t need you to puff up your chest in a false bravado to prove you’re the yin to her estrogen-fueled yang. Try standing out from the rest of the men chatting her up (you don’t actually think you’re the only one who noticed, did you)? Just relax, be yourself, and listen to what she has to say.

That said, just because she may not be an aspiring housewife doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate some of the customs of the past, so being polite still can’t hurt- there’s nothing passé or misogynistic about being classy and nice to others!

She also has likely seen as many classic films as you (or more!) so don’t bother trying to be slick by recycling pick up lines you picked up from a retro movie — unless you want her to think you are reliant on professional writers to supply you with conversation. Don’t be movie-quote guy, (you know, the guy who pops out a quote at every turn instead of having an actual conversation?) it makes you come across as someone who can’t think for themselves. If half of the things that come out of your mouth were written by someone else, go back to listening to what she has to say until it sparks an original thought of your own to chip in.

So skip the cheesy pick up line you perfected from your favorite greaser movie in an effort to show off your repertoire, and just talk to the girl! If you couldn’t take your eyes off her figure in her vintage dress, say so in a classy way. Compliment her style, tell her how nicely her dress flatters her – try not to druel all over yourself when you do it – and you are not only showing interest in her physically, but in her sense of style and personality. Be sincere, and the double-hit of flattery for both what’s inside and what’s out will get you one step closer to picking up a pin up girl of your own!

In short- don’t judge a pin up girl by her cover- she’s likely got a lot more layers than just being a retro throwback who was “born in the wrong decade.” If you can mix some vintage class with a contemporary outlook, you just might be the kinda guy that pin up girl is trying to pick up.

Heidi Van Horne is an actress and pin up covermodel residing in Los Angeles. In addition to film, tv, commercial acting and printwork, Heidi is a freelance writer and photographer, and is widely regarded in the industry as an advocate for pin up models, writing a monthly advice column online and a quarterly column in print for aspiring pin up girls, as well as moderating the pin up boards at PunkRockDomestics.com. She can be seen in the lead role of Angel in the upcoming independent film “Angels Die Slowly” and as the Prize girl on Comedy Central’s new “Gong Show with Dave Attell.” To see more of her work, visit her website, www.HeidiVanHorne.com and look for her 2nd Edition Collector’s Deck of Pin Up Playing Cards to be released in fall 2008 at www.PinUpPlayingCards.com.

Sailor Girl by AMA LEA
Hair and Makeup by DR. RED
Air Bettie Images photos by SHANNON BROOKE

Hollywood Lighting Dress photo by SHANNON BROOK

  • http://www.myspace.com/ideamen2000 Jorge

    Where in LA do these women exist??? I’m obviously going to the wrong sockhops.

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  • adam

    I wish THIS is what mainstream models looked like.

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  • Kyle

    more please

  • Lorin

    Great advice Heidi! I dated a gorgeous retro girl a few years ago. She worked in my building and I’d see her outsided smoking cigarettes. She was hot; tall, leggy, long black hair with bangs, pale skin, blood-red lipstick. Way too-cool-for-school looking. I thought she was way out of my league so I just started talking to her cuz she was cute, not really trying to put any moves on her or anything. Next thing I know, she was my summer fling and we had a couple of months of good times. Didn’t work out in the long run, but it was great fun while it lasted.

    I think the reason it happened is because I wasn’t trying to be Mr. Cool or anything…I was just talking to her. That and the sweet 71 cobalt blue Dodge Dart I was driving at the time. Classic Mopar will help you score…

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